ISEHAN BASE&C Oil Control Powder 01 Clear 8g

Brand from Japan: ISEHAN. A non tinted pressed face powder that instantly absorbs excess sebum for smooth skin. Contains naturally derived serum ingredients such as centella asiatica extract (*1). It keeps the moist protects it external factors as dryness. A unique essential formula (beauty essence x unevenness flat powder) smooths out worrisome pores to create (*2). While absorbing to remove shine make up. Prevents crumbling a beautiful finish.


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EXCEL Real Clothes Shadow 3.5g 10 Types

Brand from Japan: EXCEL. Benefits: Use this four color eye shadow palette to create a variety of everyday makeup looks. Powders come in complimentary colors so they blend easily for a natural looking finish. Buildable formula adheres well to eyelid area with minimal fallout. Palette includes base (bottom left), shading right) shimmer (upper colors. glides smoothly onto skin blends easily. How to use: Take an appropriate amount of your finger or brush


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Covermark Finishing Powder Refill 40g 3 Types

Brand from Japan: Covermark. Powder of fine powder of is a finishing dedicated to basic formula, which fixes the foundation prevents makeup collapse. How to use: Take about 5 cups of special with included spatula (spoon), a foundation. Then add in an appropriate amount in puff, apply on face plenty evenly. With a after 1 2 minutes let it set cleanly. Mix S type use. E can be used in a single color. Pack Size 40g


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BISOUS The White Queen Glutathione Powder SPF 27 PA 2 Types

Brand from South Korea: BISOUS BISOUS. This foundation powder comes with a lightweight formula that blends perfectly into your skin. Contains Glutathione Licorice Extract to help enhance complexion's natural radiance, while friendly silicon ensures a smooth, flawless finish. How to use: Gently apply the onto face a big brush a sheerer effect. Or sponge pad package higher coverage. The encasing box a mirror. Pack Size 11.5g


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Shen Hsiang Tang Cellina Moisturizing Body Lotion 300ml

Brand from Taiwan: Shen Hsiang Tang. Add beauty dream ingredient proteoglycan, which has excellent water retention soft firming effect. Adding lanolin aloe vera gently moisturise the skin keep supple smooth. Clear moisturizing formula, contains Moist 24 long lasting agent, lock in moisture a time, refreshing non sticky, suitable normal oily skin. How to use: Take an appropriate amount apply evenly to whole body.


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So natural Powder4Room Coating Gel Fixx 50ml

Brand from South Korea: so natural. Benefits: A makeup setting formula in a gel to prep the makeup. Formulated with 87% plant based extract derived green pea lotus to boost skin's moisture level. The water transfers to a coating layer as you gently massage in a circular motion. Makes your more resistant to melting, cracking, sliding, fading. How to use: 1. Apply a moderate amount of at last stage of skincare routine. 2. Gently in motions to let absorb,


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Dragun Beauty TRANSlucent Setting Powder Rich

Une poudre libre fixatrice.Dites oui à une couvrance effet seconde peau impeccable avec la Forever Fantasy de Dragun Beauty; disponible dans différentes teintes. Cette ultralégère et soyeuse est tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour fixer; flouter et illuminer votre teint. Formulée des acides aminés nourrissants base de plantes; cette hydrate et ravive teint; en contrôlant la brillance et les imperfections de la mijournée. Apportez


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NABLA Close Up Smoothing Pressed Powder Medium 11.5g

Une poudre compacte mate. Convenant à tous les types de peau; la lissante Close Up est formulée partir d’ingrédients adoucissants pour réduire pores et ridules tout en contrôlant la brillance. Disponible en trois teintes; cette légère et ultrafine s’intègre parfaitement la créer un effet naturel zéro défaut. Logée dans un poudrier équipé d’un miroir des retouches pendant vos déplacements.


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Shen Hsiang Tang Cellina Whitening Body Lotion 300ml

Brand from Taiwan: Shen Hsiang Tang. Add beauty dream ingredient proteoglycan, which has excellent water retention soft firming effect licorice extract Niacinamide vitamin B3, improve dull skin, even tone, make white soft. Skin friendly whitening formula contains pomegranate extract, be quickly absorbed by the achieve a translucent effect. How to use: Take an appropriate amount apply evenly to whole body.


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MERZY The First Foundation 2 Colors

Brand from South Korea: MERZY. Size: 30ml Benefits: A foundation with a broad spectrum of SPF20 PA offers high coverage of imperfections to deliver smooth skin Wearing Fitting Powder. Formulated adherence formula sebum absorption powder that help maintain the oil moisture balance of long wearing makeup. Features 30% of Green Tea Water helps soothe sensitive skin. How to use: Take moderate amount apply face a brush.


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